Pine Knob Music Theatre Rules

These rules are always subject to change, keep checking back for updates. Please abide by the rules set to ensure you have the best possible experience at the venue and to ensure the safety of all patrons attending events.

Like other high-caliber concert venues, Pine Knob Music Theatre has several rules in place regarding bags, seating, and conduct. These venue rules protect attendees, event staff, performers, and equipment. Once you’ve bought your tickets, review the guidelines to avoid potential issues at the entrance or disrupting a summer tour performance.

Pine Knob Music Amphitheater rules may be subject to change. We recommend checking with 313 Presents for the latest rules or specific event requirements.

Events proceed rain or shine!

Items Permitted

Picnic baskets with food (no beverages)
• Coolers (small and no wheels)
• Ice
• Beach and sand chairs (short legs and back) 26 inch height maximum
• Blankets, sleeping bags and tarps
• Umbrellas (patio/beach umbrellas that stick into the ground are prohibited)
• (Standard size with no points)
• Binoculars
• Seeing Eye dogs
• No Smoking in Pavilion

These Items may NOT be brought in

• Alcoholic Beverages
• Aerosol cans
• Laser pointers
• Long-legged lawn chairs
• Bottles, cans or any liquid containers of any kind (juice boxes may be allowed for children’s shows)
• Glass containers of any kind (including mustard jars, salad dressing jars, olive jars, etc.)
• Patrons without shoes or shirts are not permitted to enter
• Video and sound recording devices

Camera Policy

Personal Cameras are permitted, flash photography, removable lens, or video recording equipment is not, unless otherwise stated by the venue.

Belongings and bags

You can only bring single-compartment bags no larger than 4 inches by 6 inches by 1.5 inches into the venue, including purses, diaper bags, and wallets. These belongings are subject to inspection upon entry. You may not bring coolers to your seats.

Child policy

Pine Knob Music Theatre welcomes children to age-appropriate events. If you have children two years old or older, you must purchase tickets for them.

Occupying aisle space

Stay in your seating area and avoid occupying aisle space. When numerous people clog the aisle, they can create hazards in emergency situations.

Food and drink

Don’t bring outside snacks or beverages to the venue. Pine Knob Music Theatre offers diverse food options for vegans, vegetarians, and other people with dietary restrictions.


Devices like drones and lasers can distract other attendees from enjoying the concert. Therefore, you should leave these items along with any sign or banner at home or in the car.

Recording or video devices

Like many concertgoers, you want to capture inspiring moments in awesome performances on video. However, Pine Knob Music Theatre prohibits cameras, laptops, and tablets for most shows. This rule is subject to change depending on the event.

Entrance inspections

Venue staff may inspect you and your belongings before they allow you to go to your seat or booth. They will check diaper bags and purses for contraband or prohibited items.

Policies for seats

When you purchase tickets for an event at Pine Knob Music Theatre, you will receive a seat number. Ensure all members of your party sit in their assigned seats.

Alcohol purchases

No one under the age of 21 can purchase alcohol at Pine Knob Music Theatre. Bring your photo ID to confirm you can legally enjoy your beverage.

Weather concerns

Pine Knob Music Theatre hosts events regardless of the weather forecast. Severe weather that threatens venue safety is the only exception.


You cannot refund or exchange your tickets once you purchase them for an event at Pine Knob Music Theatre.

General conduct for guests

Everyone wants to enjoy their experience at Pine Knob Music Theatre, formerly known as the DTE Energy Music Theatre. Being respectful, courteous, and conscious of the venue rules makes this possible. Don’t detract from other guests’ experiences, clean up your garbage and leftover food, and stay aware of your surroundings throughout the event.

If you have a medical condition that prevents you from adhering to one of these rules, you can request accommodations from the friendly venue staff. Politely inform them about your needs, and they will work with you.