Pine Knob Music Theatre Parking

pine knob music theatre parking

Pine Knob Music Theatre’s parking lots open around 4:00 p.m. for most summer shows. You can access numerous venue parking areas, including:

Parent’s Park

If you have kids ready to attend their first concert by themselves, you can easily pick them up and drop them off using the Parent’s Park between the Ally East Entrance and the UWM West Entrance. The venue staff designated this space for non-ticket holders to wait for guests as events come to a close.

VIP parking

VIP tickets include special parking accommodations in the package. If you have VIP tickets, you can park in the Trinity Health VIP Lot.

Accessible parking lots

If you need accessible accommodations, you can find them in the Ally East Entrance lot. You can get to this lot from any venue entrance.

Rideshare drop-off

Many guests use services like Lyft or Uber. You might also carpool to save gas. Drop-offs for rideshare services and carpools take place at the UWM West Entrance via South Drive.

Electronic vehicle charging stations

EV charging stations are located in the Trinity Health VIP Lot. Therefore, you should invest in a VIP ticket if you want to charge your EV.

Three lot entrances

Pine Knob Music Theatre has three entrances: Pine Knob Road on Pine Knob Road, North Drive on Bob Seger Driver, and South Drive on Sashabaw Road. Choose your entrance based on your lot preferences.

pine knob music theatre west entrance


A Pine Knob Music Theatre perk allows tailgating events before tour concerts begin. You can cook out in your respective space as long as you avoid open flames and don’t erect tents and awnings. You also can’t drink alcoholic beverages due to the municipal laws.